About AAA Design

As a complete design solution company, we offer an exclusive yet very personal service. AAA Design Pvt. Ltd. creates a seamless journey from concept through to completion. We provide a comprehensive design service for private clients, Property developers & Corporates.

About Green Signs

AAA Design Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in the Designer signs with Green and eco-triendly technology making signs on ACCU-Bend an American Automatic Channel Letter Making Machine for Corporates, Retail, Brands, Small Enterprises, Events, Building facades. We have the best processes in the areas of sign manufacturing, installation and after sales servicing. The use of advanced technology is an easy, cost-effective way to connect with your customers and let them know they are special, with a message that your business is up to date in terms of latest technology available in the world.

Our specially crafted Channel Letter displays on Accu-Bend automatic machine with 100% precision capture the attention of your target audience, shoppers and the people on the move. Compared to any other conventional and handmade signs, it Is only automatic technology that can create a captivating, long lasting and dynamic communication system for your customers, patrons. The use of accurate channel letters signage and LED technology allows you to narrow cast your message and connect to the right audience and enhance brand image and your contribution to Green environment.

Our easy to use, comprehensive Channel Letter Signage system manufactured on American Accu-Bend automatic bending machine has been built with our vast experience. You too can leverage our simple solution to communicate with your intended audiences and enhance the look and feel of your brand, Image and business to ensure.

  • Ability to customize appearance to your business
  • Supports multi-location scheduling
  • Manage your entire Channel Letters signage requirement
  • Easy to handle and to ship at any location


Whether you want to promote your Logo, Image Building, Corporate Sign, Sales and Specials in-store, provide advertising and high visibility for your business,or highlight events around your target audiences,our talented graphics designers are ready to create compelling Designs to suit your needs.

Let our Design team help you in expanding your marketing potential.


Our professional installers and technicians will install your new Signs in a configuration that works for you, along with setup and testing of the signs and to connect them to your displayed control.

Before and after installation, we're with you every step of the way with comprehensive service and support. Our team of experts are prepared to help with any bump in the road, from customer service and technical maintenance to just keeping the sign that run and looking great all the time.


Our professional technicians and installers will devise and install efficient installation to help you to better communicate with your customers. In a retail store or setting it on your enterprise facade, Green Signs are typically installed at an appropriate location to suit for greater visibility, after sales service, Technical and Customer Support staff are also available during office hours to help with issues concerning your Channel Letters or displays.


  • International standards
  • Accurate customize shapes
  • Environment Friendly
  • Easy to Maintain, Long life
  • Fast delivery
  • Easy to ship anywhere in the country
  • Channel letters up to 15 feet tall